Civil Service Training Project



Civil Service Training Project



Every community dreams of having at least a few of its members at the top administrative positions of the country. From the very inception of KRLCC there have been repeated demands at different forums to train our youth to help reach the top rungs of civil service. The present project conceived and spearheaded jointly by KRLCC Commissions for Youth and Education and hosted by St Albert’s College (Autonomous), Ernakulam proposes a comprehensive plan to select and prepare the youth from the Latin Catholic Dioceses in Kerala to face the Indian Civil Service Examinations and other similar competitive tests successfully.

Goal: To impart effective and wholesome training to a select number of youth from the Latin dioceses of Kerala (with a few seats kept for tribal areas) to successfully face the Civil Service and other similar exams General Plan: A group of 30 students, 2 from each Latin Dioceses in Kerala and 6 from the tribal belt outside, chosen through a careful process after their +2, will be given a 3 year intensive residential training for Civil Service, even as they do their degree course. St Albert’s College (Autonomous), Ernakulam will host the training. Selected students will take different 3 year degree courses in the College and will additionally be given guidance and training.

Selection Process: Parish and Forane Education Forums can propose outstanding and well motivated students completing their +2 course to the Diocesan Education Ministry. Each diocese can select and propose a maximum of 10 students to Central Screening Team. A Team comprising of experts will select the candidates based on clear norms.

Expenses: The costs per student will be ₹ 1,30,000/ each year, which will cover board and lodging, college fee for aided courses, training costs, library and materials and expenses for training related travels. Medical expenses, additional fees if they join for self financing courses and other unexpected expenses will be extra.

It is proposed that the student bears ₹ 32500/- the diocese takes ₹ 32500/- and KRLCC and the host institution share the remaining ₹ 65000/- equally.

Details of the Project

i. KRLCC will coordinate the project with the participation of Commissions for youth and education.

ii. St Albert’s College (Autonomous), Ernakulam will host and run the project

iii. The candidates will be proposed by the diocese and once selected will continue to be accountable to the parent diocese. The diocese will in turn take continued responsibility for each of its candidates.

iv. Being a residential training, along with a coordinator for academic equipping, a residential animating elder, preferably a priest will offer constant personal accompaniment to the trainees.

v. The project envisages a formation involving different levels and hence strict adherence to a rigorous regime will be required. Strict discipline with every space for personal freedom and aspirations, as well as room for mature mutual dialogue will be adhered to.

vi. A wholesome training covering, academic, intellectual, emotional, socio-spiritual, community involvement dimensions will be offered as part of the project.

vii. Being a residential fulltime program evening library work and training sessions can be arranged and weekend special programs can also be scheduled.