Kerala Regional Latin Catholic Council

The Catholic Church in Kerala is a communion of three individual Churches; Latin, Syro–Malabar, Syro–Malankara. The Latin Church has eleven ecclesiastical units out of 29 dioceses in Kerala. The presence of the Latin Church in India, particularly on the coast of Kerala has protracted over eleven centuries or more. However, the work of evangelization was enthusiastically revived by the western missionaries in the 13th century. The western records of the Franciscans and Dominicans contain the evidence of the early Latin Missions in India. Giovanni di Monte Corvine, O.F.M., Jordan Catalani, O.P., Odorico di Pordenone, O.F.M., and Giovanni di Marignolli, O.F.M., were the outstanding protagonists.

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The voice of the voiceless

All the Bishops and Vicars General of the Latin dioceses, the heads of the religious congregations and the representative of priests and laity from all Latin dioceses and leaders of Lay Associations are members of the KRLCC. The President and the Deputy Secretary of the Bishops Council are respectively the President and General Secretary of KRLCC. 

The Kerala Region Latin Catholic Council (KRLCC) was formed in 2002 by the Latin Catholic Bishops’ Council, as a policy-making body of Latin Catholics in Kerala and serves as an umbrella body for all the organizations working within the Latin Church.

What We Do​

KRLCC is dedicated in planning, co-ordinating and monitoring collective pastoral action within the region for the preservation, propagation and enrichment of the catholic faith.

KRLCC promotes lay leadership in the church and in the society.

KRLCC strives for the modulation of the socio-cultural life of the community in tune with the moral principles of the universal church

With a focus in upliftment of the community, KRLCC conducts scientific studies on the various problems affecting the community and to co-ordinate and guide the movements  for the emancipation of the Latin Catholic Community.

KRLCC imparts training and formation to the priests and laity in view of a common venture for the total and integral development of the Latin catholic community.

KRLCC looks forward to evolve a common ecclesiastical discipline within the region.